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The famed Nürburgring is deep in debt, facing bankruptcy and complete closure

News has poured out of various German news sources this week that the famed Nürburgring race course is facing some 13 million Euros in debt with no way to pay said debt unless the managing group finds some massive infusion of money – money that the European government has said will not come from them – leading many to believe that the ‘Ring’s days are numbered.

This is a sad, sad report for many automotive enthusiasts who consider the incredible 12.9 mile race course one of the truest tests of a vehicle’s full capabilities anywhere in the world. While high performance cars are tested on tracks all over the world in an effort to earn bragging rights as being the fastest at that particular track – no course in the world has built a reputation like the Nürburgring. The 12.93 mile Nordschleife course has become the top proving ground for the world’s ultimate high performance vehicle and many diehard gearheads dream of tearing around “the Ring” in the supercar of their choice.

However, unless these gearheads can find a way to get to Germany by the end of this year to take their shot at one of the world’s most grueling road courses, there is a good chance that it will never happen. The problem is that the Nürburgring business entity is some 13 million Euros (15.82 million USD) in debt and the European Union is not interested in helping after a gigantic loan of 524 million Euros ($638 million USD) a few years back that was reportedly squandered on a roller coaster that was deemed to be unsafe along with a mall that has never garnered the traffic that track management had originally hoped. After questionable usage of the last huge chunk of money from the government, there is seemingly no chance that the local authorities will be quick to hand away taxpayer money to a business that only interests a small percentage of people around the world.


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