The DeTomaso Deauville

DeTomaso files for bankruptcy, likely killing the new Pantera

The DeTomaso brand has a long, glamorous history with the most well known being the Ford-powered Pantera sports car in the 1970s and while the rebirth of the DeTomaso brand was expected to bring about a modern Pantera - a recent bankruptcy filing will very likely put the DeTomaso name to rest for once and for all while also killing the chances of a new Pantera supercar.

The stagnant DeTomaso brand was purchased in 2009 by former Fiat executive Gian Mario Rossignolo, who intended to return the Italian automaker to a position of glory with a new crossover and limousine along with the triumphant return of the DeTomaso Pantera. Unfortunately, Rossignolo decided to begin the reincarnation of the brand with his new Deauville crossover (shown in the gallery on the right) in early 2011 which was little more than a Cadillac SRX with a very unique body. Inside, the Deauville looked a great deal like the SRX and while looking like one of Cadillac’s bestselling models in terms of interior amenities isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the Deauville was not what the world was expecting from the “new” DeTomaso brand.


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