Chrysler, Ford show how it's done at the 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise

After a week of festivities in the metro Detroit area, the 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise has come to a close and once again – the Chrysler Group and Ford Motor Company displays were among the bigger and best along the multi-mile cruise route.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is a massive rolling car show that lumbers through a variety of towns in the metro Detroit area and while the main attractions are the tens of thousands of modern and classic cruisers, the displays along the cruise route have become as popular as the on-road event itself. There are displays of every size and type along Woodward Avenue but every year the Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group put together displays that easily trump any other setup along the Dream Cruise route and 2012 was no exception.

For those who have never been to the Woodward Dream Cruise, the Chrysler Group and Ford Motor Company have two very different displays – both of which are gigantic yet distinctly unique from each other. General Motors also puts together a display at 13 Mile and Woodward but it is significantly smaller than those areas dedicated to the cross town rivals, including strictly company owned high performance vehicles from the current lineup.


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