The Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Volt slaughters Nissan Leaf in March 2012 sales

While the automotive world is focusing on the 2012 New York Auto Show, automakers from around the world have issued their March 2012 sales reports and for the second month in a row – the Chevrolet Volt badly outsold the Nissan Leaf, this time with a margin of almost 4 to 1 in favor of the range-extended electric Chevy.

The Nissan Leaf started 2012 by beating the Chevrolet Volt by a narrow margin in January but since then – the battle between the two bestselling mainstream electric drive vehicles has been all Chevy. Through the third month of 2012, sales of the Chevy Volt are booming while Nissan is struggling to deliver the initial 20,000 Leaf electric vehicles that were preordered over a year ago.

The 2012 calendar year may have brought about a slow start for the Chevrolet Volt but with 2,289 new electric Chevy’s sold last month, the Volt sold more than twice as many units in March as they did in February. The sales figure of almost 2,300 units sold for GM brings about a 277% increase over the same month in 2011 and in moving so many Volts last month – General Motors sold more of their extended range electric sedan in March than Nissan has sold Leaf electric vehicles all this year. Through the first quarter of 2012, General Motors has sold 3,915 examples of the Chevrolet Volt, an increase of 224% compared to the first quarter of 2011 when Chevy moved just 1,210 Volts.


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Your arguments are illogical and self-contradictory. If the Leaf still has a waiting list (which it does), then "demand" has not slowed. Nissan is still selling every Leaf they're making. They're just not making enough of them. Given the problems they had in Japan shortly after the Leaf went on sale (Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Powerplant meltdown), and the continuing problems in Japan (brownouts and blackouts from power shortages, due to the Nuclear meltdown and taking a number of other Nuclear power plants offline as a safety precaution), I'm not terribly surprised that they're having trouble meeting demand. People seem to have forgotten the severity of the triple disasters that occurred in Japan, just over a year ago, but trust me, as someone that works with people that live in Japan, they are not anywhere close to back to normal yet. The Nissan plant they've opened in Tennesse helps with production, but a lot of their parts still come from Japan. I'm glad the Volt is finally selling better (retooling their production line last summer allowed them to starting making more), but that's no reason to denigrate the Nissan Leaf. It's a great car, and I'm sure they'll ramp up production as soon as they're able.