2015 Z06 rear

Chevrolet Corvette Sales Through April Up 200%

When the new C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray made its world debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, many of the loud mouthed, old school Corvette owners cried foul at the new look – insisting that this car wouldn’t succeed due to the unconventional look – but after the first four months of 2014 the new Corvette is outselling the previous model by almost 200%.

When the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe was introduced with a stunning, angular new look that included taillights that weren’t round for the first time ever, the old school car guys were quick to take to the internet to complain about how much they hated the new look (after their grandkids showed them how to turn the computer on, that is). They insisted that the industry wouldn’t accept a Corvette that looked like this and that a Corvette with rectangular headlights was doomed to fail. Well, much in the same way that these older car guys are unable to answer their cell phone in a timely fashion, they were unable to accurately predict the early success of the C7 Stingray.


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So Patrick, in your most humble and qualified opinion, is this gain in sales an economic recovery indicator, what's driving the sales? Man, the rear deck is ugly on this monster...
What a nasty bunch of comments by this writer. Must be nice where can have a job attacking people who don't like the horrid back of this Vette. The comments about being to old/stupid to turn on a computer are down right foul. You need another line of work.
The truth is the truth Rick. It is the old school Corvette guys who cant accept change so they hate the back end and that same generation happens to be particularly non-computer savvy. Nothing nasty about the truth.
The new car itself is driving sales. While all of the babyboomers who have a C5 and C6 hate the C7, people looking to buy a sports car are lining up (literally) to buy a C7. It is the best performing Corvette ever but more importantly, it will outperform quite a few far more expensive sports cars. It is hard to call a car that ranges in price from $55-75k a bargain, but as sports cars go, the new Stingray is a bargain.
I am an ardent Corvette fan, having owned two Corvettes in the past 5 years. I currently own a pristine C5 Z06 in Torch Red that puts a big smile on my face everytime I take it out of the garage. The C7 is a beautiful car and worthy of the Corvette and Sting Ray name. Next to the C5, it is the most revelutionary and game changing Corvette in 30 years! The C5 saved the Corvette line after the dismal performance C3s of the seventies and eighties, and the lack luster C4. The C7 is launching a new hey day for the Corvette name and line up. I have no desire to part with my C5 Z06, but my next Vette will be a C7. Kind of holding out for a few years and will probably go for the new Z06 when I pull the trigger. Call me old school, but I fully endorce the C7. Home run Chevrolet, home run!
It is A popular vehicle.Patrick you sound like your in the loop.There are many of us that have ordered the new stingray.Orders are being filled.Do you have an idea how many have ordered the 2014 stingray but probably will not receive the car because of the cutoff,going into 2015 model year?