The SMS display at the 2010 NAIAS

Automotive legend Steve Saleen wins back his naming rights

Steve Saleen announced yesterday that after a court battle that spanned several years, he has won the right to use his own name once again after the company who purchased the Saleen brand in 2007 prevented Mr. Saleen from using his name when he left the company.

Steve Saleen founded his company in 1984 and began building high performance Mustangs for both race and street use. However, when he began seeing the company that wore his name headed in a direction that he didn’t like in 2007, he decided to leave the company that he had founded and turned into a Mustang-tuning juggernaut. Unfortunately, after Steve Saleen left the company, the organization was sold to the company MJ Acquisitions. This new owner continued offering performance parts and new high performance Mustangs after the 2007 purchase but the new parent company refused to honor warranties on vehicles or components sold prior to the buyout.


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