Audi settles dispute with rapper Eminem over A6 commercial

The Chrysler Group made big news when they introduced their new “Imported from Detroit” ad campaign with a new television spot during the Super Bowl featuring rapper Eminem and his popular song Lose yourself but when Audi released a very similar commercial a short time later – Eminem and his people weren’t too happy since they didn’t have permission to use the familiar guitar riff.

While the Audi commercial for the new 2012 A6 Avant (wagon) bore a striking resemblance to the Chrysler Imported from Detroit commercial (except for the fact that Audi used some unrecognizable actor where Chrysler used hip hop superstar Eminem), the problem wasn’t between Chrysler and Audi but rather, the dispute was between Eminem and the German automaker because the music used by Audi was strikingly similar to Eminem’s hit song Lose Yourself. Audi didn’t have permission to use the guitar line to the song so Eminem and his company Eight Mile Style LLC took their dispute to the folks at Audi.


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