The 2013 Dodge Dart with Mopar stripes

2013 Dodge Dart stripe packages from Mopar leaked

The Chrysler Group’s aftermarket support brand Mopar plans to offer a great many accessories ranging from performance brakes to carbon fiber hoods and while Mopar hasn’t shown off any factory-offered striping packages, enthusiast forum leaked images of a few stripe packages coming later this year. Super Moderator Moparsrt posted four slightly grainy examples of what are obviously new striping packages coming to the Mopar aftermarket catalog. The site moderator stated that there will be 20 different striping packages from Mopar specific to the new Dart but he was able to provide a first look at four of those stripe packages.

As you can see in the small pictures on the right, the 2013 Dodge Dart will offer a traditional double center stripe (top left in red), a large hood dressing that covers the majority of the hood in black while leaving a “drivers stripe” in white and red (top right), a long multilayered stripe that runs along the shoulder line of the car and thickens – then perforates – as it reaches the rear of the car (bottom left) and a thinner stripe that takes a hockey stick shape as the front edge of the package doubles and flares up towards the hood.

Customization has become a big deal in the sporty compact market and with several automakers offering stripe packages that you can pick from a factory catalog and have installed by the dealership, it makes good sense for the 2013 Dodge Dart to offer a similar feature. If the four stripe images that we have seen thanks to are any indication, the other 16 should offer a massive spread of options for those Dart buyers who want to customize their new compact sedan with the help of the Mopar division.


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