Lamborghini preps crazy Sesto Elemento series version

The outstanding Sesto Elemento by Lamborghini, that gave an insight into the Italian firm's technologycal secrecy of the future, has been greenlighted for serial production in the coming years. And guess what? Only a few, lucky customers will stand the chance to get behind the wheel of the Lambo supercar.

The mind-blowing Sesto Elemento Concept shocked the audience gathered on the stage of the Mondial de l'Automobile Paris in October 2010, but it also raised a big question in the minds of everyone: will Lamborghini ever assemble a street-legal variant of this tremendous prototype? The definitive answer is still lurking in darkness, but a ray of hope emerged these days.

The Sesto Elemento will be uncloaked some time after 2011 (probably after mid-2012, if you ask me) and will borrow most of the outrageous skills premiered by the Paris concept. The future hypercar will sport an advanced construction technology, as engineers are said to have extensively used carbon fiber/CFRP (carbon is the sixth element in the periodical table of chemical elements and here comes the Sesto Elemento title from), aluminium and composite materials to master the ultra-lightweight body and chassis. The psychologycal limit of 999 kilos (including the engine and transmission) could be a dream for other car manufacturers, but not for Lamborghini, as Stephan Winkelmann, head of the company, claims.


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