Volt, Dodge and Fiat 500 winners of Texas top car awards

Texas Auto Writers' Association just announced the 2011 winner of its annual awards where Chevy Volt, Dodge and Fiat 500 lead the top places.

Berry Lowman, "a communications guru, event promoter, rally driver, open road racer, #Motorama LIVE founder & Parrothead! Searching for better ways to communicate, just announced the winners of the 2011 Texas Auto Writers Association's awards. Here are the cars and models that took the top places.

Thus, Dodge Journey has won the Texas Auto Writers Association's "Best Family Car of Texas" award. Fiat 500 has become the winner in the "Best New Design" and "Best Value" categories. Chevy Volt won the Association's "Alternative Powered Car of Texas" award.

In the areas of innovation and performance the leaders were Chevrolet and Ford.

Chevy Volt became the winner in "Innovative Car of Texas" category. Ford Mustang BOSS 302 won the "High Performance Car of Texas" award!

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe became the "Car of Texas" category winner.


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